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Removing Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridges should be removed for the following two reasons:

  • The ink cartridge is very low and you want to replace it with a full cartridge for unattended printing. You can use the remaining ink in the first cartridge at a more convenient time.
  • The ink cartridge is empty or faulty, and you must replace it to continue printing.
  CAUTION: The procedure to remove an ink cartridge must be initiated from the front panel. Do not remove an ink cartridge until the front panel prompts you.
  CAUTION: Remove an ink cartridge only if you are ready to insert another one.
  WARNING! Make sure that the printer wheels are locked (the brake lever is pressed down) to prevent the printer from moving.
    1. At the front panel, select the icon, then select Replace ink cartridges.
    2. ReplaceInk.png

    3. Grip the blue tab in front of the cartridge that you want to remove.
    4. GripBlueTab.png

    5. Pull the blue tab down and then pull it outwards, towards you.
    6. PullBlueTab.png

    7. The cartridge comes out, in its drawer.
    8. CartridgeComesOut.png

    9. Lift the cartridge out of its drawer.
    10. LiftCartridge.png

        NOTE: Avoid touching the end of the cartridge that is inserted into the printer, because the connection might be coated with ink.
        NOTE: If necessary, store a partially-used ink cartridge in the same position as if it were inserted in the printer. Avoid using a partially-used cartridge that has been stored on its end.
    11. The front-panel display identifies the missing ink cartridge.
    12. MissingInk.png

Inserting Ink Cartridge

    1. Pick up the new ink cartridge and find the label that identifies the ink color. Hold the ink cartridge so that you can see the label at the top of the side that is facing you.
    2. Check that the colored label above the empty slot in the printer matches the color of the label on the cartridge.
    3. Shake the cartridge vigorously for about 15 seconds.
    4. Insert the ink cartridge into the cartridge drawer.
    5. Figure 1: Inserting the cartridge into the drawer


    6. Slide the drawer and cartridge into the slot until they lock into position.
    7. Figure 2: Sliding the drawer into the slot


    8. The front-panel display confirms that all cartridges have been correctly inserted.
    9. Figure 3: Front panel all cartridges inserted