LaserJet Ink

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Replacing Print Cartridges

    1. Open the front door. Make sure that the door is completely open.
    2. OpenFrontDoor.png

    3. Grasp the handle of the used print cartridge and pull out to remove.
    4. GraspHandle.png

    5. Store the used print cartridge in a protective bag. Information about recycling used print cartridges is on the print-cartridge box.
    6. Remove the new print cartridge from its protective bag.
    7. RemoveNewPrintCartridge.png

        NOTE: Be careful not to damage the memory tag on the print cartridge.
    8. Grasp both sides of the print cartridge and distribute the toner by gently rocking the print cartridge.
    9. GraspSidesOfPrintCartridge.png

    10. Remove the orange protective cover from the print cartridge.
    11. RemoveOrangeProtectiveCover.png

        CAUTION: Avoid prolonged exposure to light.
        CAUTION: Do not touch the green roller. Doing so can damage the cartridge.
    12. Align the print cartridge with its slot and insert the print cartridge until it clicks into place.
    13. AlignPrintCartridge.png

        NOTE: The print cartridges go in at a slight angle.
    14. Close the front door.
    15. CloseFrontDoor.png