LaserJet Toner Collection Unit

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Replacing TCU

    1. Open the rear door.
    2. OpenRearDoor.png

    3. Grasp the top of the toner collection unit and remove it from the product.
    4. GraspTopOfTCU.png

    5. Place the attached cap over the opening at the top of the unit.
    6. PlaceAttachedCapOverOpening.png

    7. Remove the new toner collection unit from its packaging.
    8. RemoveNewTCU.png

    9. Insert the new unit into the product.
    10. InsertNewTCU.png

    11. Close the rear door.
    12. CloseRearDoor.png

      To recycle the used toner collection unit, follow the instructions included with the new toner collection unit.