Maintenance Cartridge

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Removing Maintenance Cartridge

A message appears on the front panel when you must change the maintenance cartridge. Follow these precautions when removing a maintenance cartridge:

  • Be careful not to get ink on your hands. Ink might be on, around, and inside the replaced maintenance cartridge.
  • Always handle and store the replaced maintenance cartridge upright to avoid spilling any ink.
  CAUTION: A message appears on the front panel when the maintenance cartridge is almost full and again when it is completely full and must be changed. You can ignore the alert and continue printing by pressing the OK key on the front panel. However, HP strongly recommends that you change the maintenance cartridge when prompted. Ignoring the alert can result in serious damage to the printer.
  WARNING: Make sure that the printer wheels are locked (the brake lever is pressed down) to prevent the printer from moving.
    1. At the front panel, select the Ink.png icon, then select Replace maintenance ctg.
    2. ReplaceMaintenanceCartridge.png

    3. The maintenance cartridge is located in a slot underneath the front panel, at the front of the printer. Open the door.
    4. Figure 1: Opening the door


    5. The maintenance cartridge has a handle on the front. To remove the cartridge, press inward and upward as indicated by the arrow, until the cartridge is released.
    6. Figure 2: Releasing the maintenance cartridge


    7. Lift up the maintenance cartridge to remove it from the slot, and slide it out.
    8. Figure 3: Removing the maintenance cartridge


Inserting Maintenance Cartridge

The plastic bag in which the new maintenance cartridge comes can be used to dispose of the old maintenance cartridge.

    1. Insert the maintenance cartridge into the slot, in the direction indicated by the arrow.
    2. Figure 1: Inserting the maintenance cartridge


    3. When the maintenance cartridge has been pushed all the way in, press inwards and downwards as indicated, until it clicks into place.
    4. Figure 2: Completing insertion of the maintenance cartridge


        NOTE: The front panel will not show the new maintenance cartridge until the door is closed.
    5. When you have inserted the maintenance cartridge into the printer, close the door.
    6. Figure 3: Closing the door


        NOTE: The printer needs all the ink cartridges, printheads and maintenance cartridge to be installed before it can continue.
    7. If no paper is loaded, the front panel will instruct you to load some.
    8.   NOTE: Make sure that the printer window and the door to the right are closed after you replace the supplies. The printer will not print while these are open.