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Unloading Paper

    1. Pull firmly on the media drawer to open it.
    2. OpenMediaDrawer.png

    3. Roll the media back manually, to remove the media from the metal paper guide.
    4. TurnMediaRoll1.png

    5. Use both hands (as indicated) to lift the roll holder with the media roll and put it on the roll loading station.
    6. LiftRoll.png

    7. Pull the handle of the roll holder locking mechanism towards you and remove the roll holder from the core of the media roll. Put the empty roll holder back into the drawer (as shown in the illustrations)
    8. RemoveRollHolder.png

    9. Remove the media roll from the roll loading station. Store it in a safe place, so that it cannot fall over or roll away.

Loading Paper

  CAUTION! Watch your fingers when you handle the media roll.
    1. Pull firmly to open the media drawer.
    2. OpenMediaDrawer.png

    3. Place the new media roll on the roll loading station.
    4. Pull (1) the handle of the roll holder locking mechanism toward you. Slide (2) the roll holder into the right side of the core of the new media roll.
    5. PlaceNewMediaRoll.png

    6. Align the roll with the center of the correct size indicator on the roll holder and release the handle of the locking mechanism.
    7. AlignRollOnRollHolder.png

    8. Remove the tapes from the new media roll. Use both hands (as indicated) to place the media roll in the media drawer.
    9. RemoveTapes1.png or RemoveTapes2.png

    10. Use both hands to turn the media roll backwards (1) until the media flap has passed the metal paper guide.
    11. TurnMediaRoll1.png or TurnMediaRoll2.png

    12. Use both hands to slide the media under the metal paper guide (2) until the media is transported automatically.
    13. SlideMediaUnder1.png or SlideMediaUnder2.png

    14. If necessary, press the [clean cut button] to trim a strip of the new media roll. Press once for a strip of approximately 20 cm (7.9 in) or hold the button and release it when the strip has the desired length.
    15. PressTrim.png

    16. Close the media drawer.
    17.   NOTE: Do not open the media drawer during loading.
    18. The user panel displays the message that new media is detected. Follow the steps in the wizard to define the correct media type and size if not detected automatically.