PW 340 Toner

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Refilling Toner

  NOTE: When you have refilled the toner two consecutive times, you must also replace the residual toner container. See Below.
    1. Open the toner compartment.
    2. OpenTonerCompartment.png

    3. Shake the toner bottle well. Leave the bottle closed.
    4. Place the bottle on the refill opening of the toner unit.
    5. PlaceBottleOnRefillOpening.png

    6. Pull the slider towards you to open both the bottle and the refill opening of the toner unit.
    7. PullSliderTowardsYou.png

    8. Tap the toner bottle gently (sideways), to let the toner flow from the bottle.
    9. When the toner bottle is empty, return the slider of the toner unit to the original position to close the refill opening and the toner bottle. You can now remove the toner bottle from the opening.

Replace Residual Toner Container

    1. Open the residual toner compartment.
    2. OpenResidualTonerCompartment.png

    3. Remove the full residual toner container.
    4. RemoveFullResidualTonerContainer.png

        NOTE: The residual toner container can be disposed normally.
    5. Place the empty residual toner container.
    6. Close the residual toner compartment.