Printing from Adobe Photoshop

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    1. Click File in the top left corner, then click Print.
    2. PSFilePrint.png

    3. Choose the printer that you want to use before anything else.
    4. PSChoosePrinter.png

    5. You can choose more settings if you click print settings.
    6. PSPrintSettings.png

    7. To change the size of the print, click paper size (if you need a size not listed, continue following the steps).
    8. PSPaperSize.png

    9. Printing on both sides is possible on the two LaserJet printers.
    10. PSBothSides.png

    11. To create a custom size paper, go to the Paper/Quality tab and click Custom (only for large format prints, unless you have your own paper).
    12. PSPaperQuality.png

    13. In the custom paper size window, set the dimensions you want and give a descriptive name, then click save (for a size with width 10in and height 18in, name it 10x18).
    14. PSCustom.png

    15. Scroll down to find the scale and position settings.
    16. PSPositionAndScale.png

    17. Once you are done setting up the print, click Print and the print file will be sent to the server. You will be able to print the file at any time by letting the front desk know the paper size and type and file name.