Printing from Microsoft Word

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    1. Click File in the top left corner, then click Print.
    2. Word.png



    3. Choose your printer before changing any settings.
    4. Choose the paper size and change any other settings that you need to.
    5. If your paper size is not available in the drop-down menu, click Printer Properties.
    6. WordPrinterProperties.png

    7. Click custom.
    8. PSCustom.png

    9. In the custom paper size window, set the dimensions you want and give a descriptive name, then click save (for a size with width 10in and height 18in, name it 10x18).
    10. Once you are done setting up the print, click Print and the print file will be sent to the server. You will be able to print the file at any time by letting the front desk know the paper size and type and file name.