Using the TigerCash Register

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Adding Funds

Students must add funds to their PaperCut account to pay for prints. Only TigerCash is accepted for fund transferal.

  1. Ask the student how much they want to add to their balance
  2. Enter the amount on the machine
  3. Swipe the card to charge the price of the printings, then click OK
    If swiping doesn't work, manually type in their card number (the long serial number)

See Also: Adjusting Account Balances in PaperCut

Checking TigerCash Balance

To make sure they have the funds to add to their account, a student may ask to see what their balance is. Do this by:

  1. Go to the SV Balance tab at the top left of the screen
  2. Swipe their card or manually enter their card number