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Sending Files to Print

1. Log into the computer.

2. Click on the icon of the duck.


3. Click Browse


4. Click in Plots (\\

5. Find the username folder and open it.


6. Click on the file the student needs to print.


7. Select CADGIS and click Submit.


Account Charges

Open accounts will have a page in the Open Accounts folder. To charge an account, there are three things you need to know.

  1. Ask the customer for the project name. Locate the page that project's open account sheet; there may be more than one.
  2. Locate the customer's name on the list of authorized users.
  3. Make sure the date is between the start and end date, inclusive.
  4. If there is there is no open account sheet or the customers name is not an authorized user of the account they are trying to charge or the date is not within the range of the open account sheet, the customer will need to contact Zak Berkowitz ( or Elizabeth Duffy (


  • If the customer is an authorized user of a valid account, you will need to fill out a row on the Project Budget Charge Form.
   NOTE: All columns must be filled in. The "Driving Worktag" column is the budget code from the project account sheet. 



For refunds, the Viz Lab needs to take the following information from the student:

LSU email address Id number

The Id number is the one circled in red on the tiger card picture:


Trouble Shooting

Using the TigerCash Register

1. Ask the student how many pages, size, and color he or she has to print.

2. Figure out the price.


3. Enter the amount on the machine.


4. Click enter.

5. Swipe the card to charge the price of the printings. Then click ok.


6. Or write down the card number. (The longer serial number)


7. Click enter and then ok.