LaserJet Paper

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Loading Paper (Not Tray 1)

    1. Open the tray.
    2. OpenTray.png

    3. Adjust the paper-length and paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and sliding the guides to the size of the paper being used.
    4. AdjustGuides.png

    5. Load paper into the tray. Check the paper to verify the guides lightly touch the stack, but do not bend it.
    6. LoadPaper.png

    7. Close the tray.
    8. CloseTray.png

    9. The control panel prompts you to set the paper size and type. Select the Custom setting, and then configure the X and Y dimensions of the custom paper size.
    10. DetermineDimensions.png

        NOTE: See the label in the paper tray, or the following illustration, to determine the X and Y dimensions.

Loading Paper (Tray 1)

    1. Open Tray 1.
    2. OpenTray1.png

    3. Pull out the tray extension to support the paper.
    4. PullOutTrayExt.png

    5. Load paper in the tray.
    6. LoadPaperTray.png

    7. Make sure the stack fits under the tabs on the guides and does not exceed the load-level indicators.
    8. StackFitsInGuides.png

    9. Adjust the side guides so that they lightly touch the paper stack but do not bend it.
    10. AdjustSlideGuides.png