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Xerox Copiers

Xerox copiers (multi-function devices), managed centrally by LSU Copier Management, are currently available in the following spaces:

Location Hostname
Dean's Office (102 Design)
School of Architecture Main Office (136 Atkinson)
School of Art Main Office (220 Design)
School of Interior Design Main Office (402 Design)
School of Landscape Architecture Main Office (302 Design)
Coastal Sustainability Studio (212 Design)
Student Services (213 Design)

Connecting to Copiers for Printing


  1. In either the Start Menu search bar or Windows Explorer address bar, type \\lsu-cmprint and press enter
  2. Double-click the icon for the copier you wish to install. For example, to connect to the copier at hostname, double-click CM4107.

Mac OS

Instructions for connection to Copier Management copiers on Mac OS can be found here.

Different departments have different policies regarding printing restrictions.  For example, if your department restricts color printing, be sure to set the preset correctly as described in the linked instructions above or your prints will be denied.
The accounting system on the Xerox copiers does not always interface correctly with Mac applications.  When printing from a given application, always try to do so from the Mac OS system dialog.  If using Adobe Acrobat in particular, when printing always press the button in the lower left corner of the printing dialog labelled Printer... to get to the system dialog or your print will not go through Xerox accounting and will not work.  Generally, if you see the accounting popup requesting your copier code then the print will work, if you do not then the print will fail.