Printing from Adobe Illustrator

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  NOTE: Illustrator has limited print settings, so it is recommended to use Photoshop or Acrobat to print if possible
    1. Clck File in the top left corner, the click Print.
    2. IllFilePrint.png

    3. The Print window will pop up. All useful printing settings in Illustrator will be accessible directly from this window.
    4. IllPrintSettings.png

      1. Choose you printer first. If you don't, any settings you changed won't be saved.
      2. Media Size: Illustrator will not let you create custom sizes, so you are limited to this drop-down menu.
      3. Once you are done setting up the print, click Print and the print file will be sent to the server. You will be able to print the file at any time by letting the front desk know the paper size and type and file name.