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Web Print is available for documents in PDF and common image formats (jpg, png, etc.) only
  1. Go to and sign in with your PAWS credentials.
  2. Select Web Print from the left sidebar and click "Submit a Job"
    Web Print submit.png
  3. Find the printer name that has both the correct printer and paper size. Continue to "Print Options and Account Selection"
    • Paper sizes ARCH A through E1 will be available on the large printers. If you need a custom size, you will need to print normally from a lab computer or your laptop.
    • If you need to print double-sided, you must select the "Duplex" versions of the small format printers.
    Web Print select printer.png
  4. Enter the desired amount of copies. Continue to "Upload Documents"
    Web Print copies .png
  5. Drag your file into the designated space or upload from your computer. When done, select "Upload & Complete"
    Web Print upload.png