Setting Up Printers on a Personal Computer

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You may now send prints directly to the VizLab printers from your personal computer while on campus or on the VPN. This is a two-step process: first, you must install the PaperCut print client and second, you must install necessary drivers and connect to the printers via the print server. Please see instructions for Windows and Mac OS X below.

To send a print from your personal computer, the PaperCut Client software must be running.
Please note: due to software licensing restrictions, you cannot connect directly to the HP Z6200 large format color printers on Mac OS.  If you need to print to these printers and you are using Mac OS, please use web print or the VizLab computers instead.


Installing the PaperCut Client

  1. Open the File Explorer. In the address bar, type \\desn-print and press Enter. If prompted for credentials, enter your PAWS ID and password.

    Desn-print windows.PNG

  2. Navigate to PCClient\Win and double-click client-local-install.exe to begin installing the PaperCut client on your computer. Follow the prompts of the installer.


  3. You may be prompted to enter your credentials for printer access. If so, enter your PAWS ID and password.

    Papercut-authenticate windows.PNG

  4. A new window will open up on your desktop displaying your balance.

    Papercut-balance windows.PNG

Connecting to Printers

  1. Open the File Explorer. In the address bar, type \\desn-print and press Enter. If prompted for credentials, enter your PAWS ID and password.
  2. Double-click on the printer icon of the printer you wish to connect to. Appropriate drivers will be installed and you will now be able to send a print from any program on your computer while you are on campus as long as the PaperCut Client software is running.
    Connect-to-printer windows.PNG

Mac OS X

Note: the VizLab Large Format Color printers (HP Z6200s) are currently unavailable for direct connection on Mac OS X.  Please Use Web Print or the lab computers.

Install the PaperCut Client

  1. From the Finder, select "Go -> Connect to Server"
    OSX PaperCut 1.png
  2. In the "Server Address" field, enter smb:// and hit connect
    OSX PaperCut 2.png
  3. If prompted for credentials, select "Registered User" and enter your myLSU username and password
    OSX PaperCut 3.png
  4. Select the volume "PCClient" and press OK
    OSX PaperCut 4.png
  5. A Finder window will open displaying the contents of the volume. Under the "mac" folder double-click the client-local-install application and follow the on-screen prompts to install the PaperCut client on your computer
    OSX PaperCut 5.png
  6. When prompted for credentials, enter your myLSU username and password. If credentials are accepted, you will see a small pop-up windows displaying your current balance.
    OSX PaperCut 6.png
  7. The PaperCut Client software (PCClient) must be open in order to print. If you would like the application to run automatically when you log in to your computer, see instructions here

Connecting to Printers

  1. Download and install the appropriate drivers for the printer to which you are trying to connect. Links to driver software for the different printers available is below:
    1. VizLab Small Format Color (HP LaserJet Enterprise M750), VizLab Small Format BW (HP LaserJet 700 M712), and CLab Small Format BW (HP LaserJet 700 M712):
    2. VizLab Large Format BW (Oce PlotWave 340)
      1. Note: you will just download (not install) this driver, then follow special instructions for installing in later steps
    3. Art Xerox Phaser 7800GX
  2. Select System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
  3. Click + to add a new printer.
  4. Control-click the toolbar; then select Customize Toolbar.
    OSX PaperCut 7.png
  5. Drag the Advanced icon onto the bar; then click Advanced.
    OSX PaperCut 8.png
  6. Select the Windows printer via spoolss device type and fill in the following fields:
    1. Enter a Device URL in the format smb:// Currently available devices are listed below:
      1. smb://
      2. smb://
      3. smb://
      4. smb://
      5. smb://
    2. In Name, enter a friendly and informative printer name.
    3. Choose a driver for this printer (which you will have installed in step 1) by selecting Select Software from the Use dropdown menu and searching for the printer type by name.
      1. Note: if connecting to the VizLab Large Format BW printer:
        1. Extract (unzip) the driver folder previously downloaded form the Oce website.
        2. Select Other... from the "Use" dropdown menu and navigate to the downloaded driver folder, called "MacOSX". Select the file MacOSX>English>StandardFonts>ocpw3405.ppd
          OSX PaperCut 9.png
  7. Click Add.
  8. As long as the PaperCut Client software is running, you can now use the printer in the same manner as any other. If you are prompted for credentials by the printer when sending a print, enter your myLSU username and password
    OSX PaperCut 10.png