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The LSU School of Art and Design Visualization Lab is located in room 216 and 217 of the LSU Design Building. VizLab is dedicated to teaching and research in the areas of computer-aided design, image-processing, and more applications in architecture, art, interior design, and landscape architecture. VizLab also offers large-format printing and scanning and other computer services geared toward design. VizLab is open to all LSU students.


Day Time
M-Th 8:30A.M. - 8:00P.M.
F 8:30A.M. - 6:00P.M.
Sa Closed
Su 12:00P.M. - 6:00P.M.

Class Schedule

 NOTE: Workstations may be unavailable during the following times

Fall 2017

Day Class Time
MW Art 4020 8:30A.M.-11:20A.M.
MW Art 4230/1 12:30P.M.-3:30P.M.
TTH ART 4240/1 9:00A.M.-11:30A.M.
TTH LA 7032/1 1:30P.M.-4:30P.M.
TTH LA 4201 4:30P.M.-5:30P.M.
F LA 3001 1:30P.M.-5:30P.M.


Large Format Price per linear foot
Black and White Bond $1.00
Color Light Bond $2.00
Heavy Bond $4.00
Glossy $6.00
Small Format Price per sheet
Students Own Paper $0.10
Black and White 8.5x11 $0.10
Color 8.5x11 $0.25
Black and White 11x17 $0.25
Color 11x17 $0.50

Student Resources


List of Software

List of Hardware

Employee Manuals

Printer Maintenance

Charging for Prints