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  You are responsible for setting up your print correctly.
VizLab employees are NOT trained to set up prints.
  VizLab only accepts TigerCash.
You must use your LSU ID or a TigerCash card to pay.

How to Print

Sign Up

Sign up for printing here. It takes up to 15 minutes to be added to the list of users, so do not attempt to move on to the next step (adding funds to your balance) until you have waited the appropriate amount of time.

Add Funds

You must add funds to your PaperCut balance before printing. Visit the front desk and tell the attendant how much you would like to add to your balance. Released prints will automatically charge this balance.

 We only accept TigerCash as valid payment



Visit a release station in the print room (216) and login with your PAWS credentials.

Available Printing Options

Small Format (Laser)

8.5in x 11in (letter)
11in x 17in (legal)
If you have your own paper, we support the following dimensions:

Width from 3in to 12.25in
Height from 5in to 18.5in
  WARNING: By choosing to use custom paper, you are accepting responsibility for any damage or misprinting done to it by the printer.  Use custom paper at your own risk.

Large Format (Ink)

Up to 36in wide and up to 120in long:

Light Bond
Light Bond - Black and White
Heavy Bond

Print Pricing

  Pricing is based on paper size selected, not by the size of your document. Please select the size closest to your document for the most accurate pricing.
Large Format Price per linear foot
Black and White Bond $1.00
Color Light Bond $2.00
Heavy Bond $4.00
Glossy $6.00
Small Format Price per page
Black and White 8.5x11 $0.10
Color 8.5x11 $0.25
Black and White 11x17 $0.25
Color 11x17 $0.50

Requesting Refunds for Prints

You may request a refund via PaperCut if your print is incorrect or misprinted due to a printer/computer error. All refunds must be approved by a worker at the front desk.

  1. Go to "Recent Print Jobs" on the sidebar menu
  2. Select request refund
    User Recent Print Jobs.png
  3. Select "Full amount" or enter a partial amount and write a reason for request
    Refund Request .png