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  You are responsible for setting up your print correctly.
VizLab employees are NOT trained to set up prints.
  VizLab only accepts TigerCash.
You must use your LSU ID or a TigerCash card to pay.


Printing in VizLab is a two-step process.
Step 1: You will set up your print and send it from one of the computers in the lab or in the main office. You are responsible for doing this correctly. If you need help with this, there is a detailed guide for several programs below
Step 2: After you send your print, you will see the front desk to pay for and receive your print. Your print will not be released until you pay for it.

Available Printing Options

Small Format (Laser)

8.5in x 11in (letter)
11in x 17in (legal)
If you have your own paper, we support the following dimensions:

Width from 3in to 12.25in
Height from 5in to 18.5in
  WARNING: By choosing to use custom paper, you are accepting responsibility for any damage or misprinting done to it by the printer.  Use custom paper at your own risk.

Large Format (Ink)

Up to 36in wide and up to 120in long:

Light Bond
Light Bond - Black and White
Heavy Bond

Setting up your print

  NOTE: It is NOT possible to print from Microsoft apps such as Edge, Internet Explorer or Photos. It is possible to print from Microsoft Office programs.

Once you are ready to print, you can follow one of these guides if you need help.

How to print from:


Paying for and receiving your print

After you click Print, your print is sent to the front desk.
You will need to give the front desk the TigerCard you are using to pay along with the following information:

  • The LSU ID that is logged into the computer that you printed from (eg. jsmith1).
  • The size, paper type and page count of your print. You will have to give this information for all paper types and sizes.

The desk worker will send your print to the printer you chose.

  NOTE: A print can be sent to another printer of the same type by the desk worker, effectively changing the paper type.
  NOTE: A print sent to a black and white printer will not regain color if changed to another printer by the desk worker.